John Riggins

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer, Adventure Seeker, Model, World Traveler, and Philanthropy

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John is a man with a burning desire to change lives. Raised the son of a founding coder for AMAZON, John experienced a better childhood than most. He was lucky enough to travel the US at a young age and was afforded many opportunities in life to be successful. As a true go-getter, John has built a name for himself as a contractor. He has also been responsible for founding companies such as Xpert Auto Detailer's, Amity Autos, Top Knotch, and a Bed and Breakfast located in South Carolina.


John grew up with his two brothers and, as most brothers often do, they became best friends and spent years of their lives together experiencing all that life has to offer. As they reached their late teen years, experiencing with drugs and alcohol became the norm and although John never became “addicted” to any one substance, he did socially use drugs and alcohol from time to time.


While attending a concert, John and his brother, Sam, were offered LSD and chose to accept. That decision would change John’s family's life forever... John and Sam both enjoyed their evening at the concert and the next day when they awoke, John noticed something “off” about Sam. He was not the same person. He never, “snapped out of it”. This type of psychosis lasted for years and eventually lead to Sam’s suicide in 2012. Upon the news of Sam’s death, John was devastated. His family was devastated. He had lost his best friend. To this day the pain is still real and still hurts.

John currently resides in Lakeland, FL and has recently pursued modeling as a tool to build his social media influence while he is finishing a real estate development in Central Florida. He is excited to make the move down to Nicaragua in the coming months and will be vital in overseeing the build-out of Perspective Recovery. You may see more about John through his Instagram @John_Rigs




John Riggins

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua 

Tel: 206-247-9289

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